Welcome to the Department of Applied Chemistry in the College of Chemistry, Peking University. The Department grows based on the former radiochemistry subject, the first radiochemistry speciality in China, was founded in 1955. The Department was merged into College of Chemistry in 2001. The Key Science Lab of Radiochemistry and Radiation Chemistry was authorized to construct in 2007. Now, the Department is set up with 6 research groups: Superamolecular Chemistry and Materials, Radiation Chemistry and Materials, Nuclear Environmental Chemistry, Nuclear Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Functional Compound and Material Chemistry, New energy and Materials. And there are 13 staffs, including 5 full professors, 2 tenure track professors and 6 associate professors. We cordially invite outstanding young scientists who have been working in applied chemistry, especially radiochemistry and radiation chemistry to join our faculty team. We also cordially invite perspective undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctors who are interested in Applied Chemistry to join the Department for the scientific research.